Tuesday, 4 March 2014

eBay SALE .. story from Croatia

Finally the sun has appeared again and it reminded me of when I went travelling last summer through Europe.. me and some friends walked for about a hour to go to a famous car boot sale in the boiling hot sun in Croatia.. we arrived and it looked like this ... ( we were a bit late..)

However there was one woman still there with the biggest pile of clothes i have ever seen.. we spent ages rummaging through all the amazing retro/vintage mens and women's clothing she had to offer despite it being mid day - high summer - in Croatia. The best part was she had no idea how popular the clothes she was selling were and she didn't care! 

We found some of the craziest shirts I have ever seen and some more subtle pieces of clothing.. we all bought a bag full each costing us only a couple of pounds!

This story is leading to what I am selling on eBay .. one of the vintage shirts I bought .. I knew I would never wear it but I HAD to have it .. I am now letting it go and want it to be worn by someone instead of sitting in my wardrobe..  There are also some Topshop bits and pieces ! ... 


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