Friday, 9 November 2012

Coats of Purple Lipstick

Purple lipstick , it's everywhere at the moment! I have to say I did buy mine a while ago but it has taken me a while to find the confidence to wear it. I have now learned to love it - however grungy you may feel a first with it on it brings an element of femininity and class, with a somber and sophisticated tone.

Coats , ASOS 30% coat offer has nearly tempted me so many times to blow my budget for the month but I will just have to make do with my 2 year old trusty duffle , which ultimately has not dated one jot !
I was talking to a friend the other day and we both agreed during the winter months your coat dominates you and your outfits. Especially living in Manchester you seem to be living in your coat .. which is cosy at first but after a while you feel as if you are neglecting your outfit underneath! 
I advise anyone who is feeling the way I am to get a plain, statement coat and focus on what is left on your body for example boots or lipstick or a statement hat. This will then enable you to express your own style and enhance the style of your chosen coat. 

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