Friday, 9 November 2012

A Snowman's Secret Journey ...

I'm home alone and have just seen the hugely anticipated annual John Lewis advert for Christmas . The story of Mr Snowman enduring serve weather conditions to find his wife the perfect Christmas gift from the perfect Christmas gift retailer ( John Lewis ) was fun , emotional and made me feel extremely nostalgic  The advert worked! I wanted to get the 3 hour train journey home to Wales , wrap up my family and whisk them off to John Lewis and re live the Christmas holiday shopping trips from my childhood.

 I loved it .. in fact I can't fault John Lewis . As a retailer John Lewis brings me comfort and when I was younger it acted  like a high tech emporium during shopping trips , whether it meant browsing through the electrical department with my dad or wondering through the endless designers in the woman's clothing with my mum.
It will always be one of my favorite retailers.

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